Contractor Compliance & Awareness Training

At BuildSafe, our team deals with environmental hazards on a daily basis. And while these household nightmares can seem like a big deal at the time, the good news is that – no matter what the issue – there is protocol to fix it quickly, cost-effectively, and in a manner that reduces exposure to everyone – including families and workers. The most powerful tools we can provide to the Construction, Real Estate, and Property Management industries are first-and-foremost the ability to identify these potential hazards and subsequently know-how to effectively respond.

At BuildSafe, we provide Awareness Training and Contractor Compliance services like our 2-hour OSHA Asbestos Training and mold awareness class to keep businesses abreast of construction industry standards and state regulations, ensure the health and safety of workers that come into contact with hazardous materials, and reduce the liability of business owners engaged in renovation and maintenance services. Some of our Training and Compliance services include:

  • 2-Hour OSHA Asbestos Training & Awareness
  • 2-Hour Mold and Asbestos Awareness for Real Estate & Property Management
  • Respirator Fit Testing for Field Technicians
  • Customizable Training Specific for your Business
  • Phone Consultation for Construction Managers

With so many misconceptions out there, having a reliable Environmental Consultant in your back pocket ensures that your team has a cohesive understanding for how to identify and address hazardous materials. Ongoing, proactive approaches to training and preparation are essential to safety programs and reducing risks on the job site. Don’t let environmental hazards stop your project! Consider BuildSafe as your third-party consulting firm for fast, effective company training.

Keeping Contractors Safe and In Compliance. 

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We Specialize In Residential and Commercial Testing of Asbestos, Mold & Lead in the Denver and surrounding areas.

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