COVID-19 Surface Testing

There’s nothing more important than the safety of your staff and customers. At BuildSafe, we understand that when COVID-19 strikes a community, illness isn’t the only thing that spreads. With something as widespread as COVID, fear is a big factor in whether your employees feel comfortable returning to work or your customers are confident in your ability to keep them safe. BuildSafe now provides COVID-19 surface testing services in addition to our other environmental testing services.

BuildSafe Environmental Consulting specializes in COVID-19 surface testing,  asbestos testing, mold inspections and lead-based paint screenings for residential and commercial properties and other environmental testing services. We also offer comprehensive industrial hygiene services for restoration professionals and abatement contractors. Whether your remodeling project requires Corona virus testing, asbestos testing for a demo permit application or you are a concerned rental tenant seeking out a visual mold consultation, we are committed to minimizing your inspection costs and providing quick turnaround time for results.

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Colorado's #1 Inspector for corona virus surface testing and COVID-19 Surface Testing, asbestos, mold, and lead paint*
We can perform surface testing for either protein, bacteria or actual COVID-19. These Test Can be performed in a home, office, restaurant or any facility on any surface. Call BuildSafe today to be your Environmental Specialist! Learn More!


Our function is to perform "post-cleaning" testing, after the customer has had their office, home etc. cleaned by a company, which will can confirm that the cleaning practices they paid for were done correctly, especially in a "confirmed positive" situation. Learn More!

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We Provide Extensive training on all types of structures and environment consulting. Our job is to make your job easier. Through Extensive training and valuable information you can count on BuildSafe to provide your work space, people and environments with a better understanding of safety and awareness training based on the latest CDC guidelines. Learn More!

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We use state-of-the-art testing kits designed to tell you instantly whether there is living organisms on any given surface, or in liquid samples. We test for a very specific protein that is found wherever the COVID-19 virus is found. It is impossible for the novel Coronavirus to exist without this protein being present. Although it is an indirect test, it can be used to spot-check existing disinfectant procedures.

This is our most popular testing method because you’re spending a lot of capital on cleaning expenses. Make sure you’re getting the results you, your staff, and your customers depend on.


Most cleaning products today can eliminate most micro-organisms. But COVID-19 (and most viruses) can be resistant to everyday detergents, and even many cleaning products that claim to disinfect. This is why we can test for the presence of bacteria that have similar resistance to normal cleaning methods. The presence of these stubborn bacteria can indicate that the disinfectant methods you’re currently using have not eliminated the threat of Coronavirus, or other pathogens. 

Our tests are lab-certified to identify any Gram-negative bacteria found on your surface samples. This means peace of mind for you and your customers is only 3-5 days away.


Even though there are indirect tests, nothing brings confidence like testing for the actual pathogen we’re worried about. BuildSafe is committed to delivering the most accurate results possible to ensure your high-touch areas are COVID-19-free. Our lab is the best in the country at quickly identifying and communicating Coronavirus test results, and letting you get back to your life. 

We have the testing experience you can’t find anywhere else. So when so much is on the line, let us test your home or business for the source of so much unease. Let your customers know that your facility has been tested, and get back on track quickly.

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