Why Getting Testing Completed By A 3rd Party Independent Contractor Is Important

Getting a contractor who is a 3rd party contractor and is unbiased to your project is not only beneficial to the homeowner or contractor due to conflict of interest, but in some cases, it is also the law. For example, in Colorado, a contractor who completes abatement is not allowed to do asbestos testing, due to the conflict of interest. 

One common service that restoration and contractors are tempted to bring “in-house” is environmental testing services, specifically asbestos testing. Before a contractor can demo water/mold/fire-affected building materials, they must presume them to be asbestos-containing materials (presumed ACMs), they are required by the State of Colorado to test for asbestos. Only a State-certified asbestos inspector can call a material non-detect for asbestos, otherwise, you can only assume the material to be asbestos-containing. 

Reasons why it is beneficial to a homeowner to hire a 3rd party inspector for asbestos and mold testing: 

  1. Hiring a 3rd party means that we are unbias to the results. Our price is the same if mold or asbestos is found or not found, so it does not benefit us if your results come back as asbestos-containing or mold contaminated. 
  2. If mold is identified, we write a report with recommendations on what to do to get rid of the mold
  3. When Remediation or Abatement is complete, we can come out and do the Final Air Clearance for Abatement or the Post Remediation Verification for Mold Remediation to make sure the job was done correctly prior to the contractor removing the containment
  4. If the Final Air Clearance or Post Remediation Verification fails to pass, we will recommend additional remediation or abatement until the job is done correctly

Top 5 Risks Restoration Contractors take when they self-test: 

  1. Improper Site Assessment and Sampling Collection
  2. All Inspections Require Formal Report Documentation
  3. Must Keep Up-To-Date On Certifications, Insurance Requirements, and Health Records
  4. Puts The Company And Inspector At-Risk of Fines, Jail Time, and Lawsuits
  5. All Worker Protection Is Now The Responsibility of A Teammate or Manager

It is best to just skip the hassle and hire an unbiased third-party contractor to send out a State-certified inspector to do the job correctly, efficiently, and legally. Instead of putting yourself, your company, your home, and if you are a contractor, your employees at risk, contact BuildSafe to have one of our Certified Asbestos Inspectors come and do the job correctly. This will give you, as well as the client peace of mind.

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