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Who are we? BuildSafe Environmental has been in business since 2013. We are a team of industry professionals that will help make sure your project moves along quickly and proficiently while being in regulation with State guidelines and keeping yourself and your home or client’s home and employees safe. We are available 24/7 by phone or email to provide the best customer service and keep on track with time-sensitive deadlines. We work with homeowners, contractors, Real Estate agents, insurance companies, and anyone who would need our services with ease. 

What areas do we service? If you are in the State of Colorado or surrounding areas, we are here to help! We will travel anywhere needed, including but not limited to; Denver, Aurora, Parker, Littleton, Lakewood, Ft Collins, Greeley, Bailey, Strasburg, Brighton, Bennett, Colorado Springs, Peyton, Pueblo, Vail, Breckenridge, Trinidad, Lafayette, Boulder, Springfield, Evergreen, Salida, Kiowa, Timnath, Kersey, Granby, Cheyenne, Laramie, Raton, and more!!

What Services Do We Offer? See below for the different types of services we offer, to learn more or to schedule an inspection, contact us at 720-598-0601 or

Asbestos Inspections: The Colorado State Regulation requires that any suspect materials must be tested prior to being damaged or disturbed (for a list of suspect materials, check out our blog:

Whether you are needing a limited asbestos inspection for a small project such as a bathroom or kitchen remodel, flooring replacement, or complete demolition, we have you covered. One of our Certified Building Inspectors will make sure your project is in compliance with the regulations regarding asbestos and help get your project moving along as soon as possible. For a list of common questions and answers regarding asbestos, check out our blog:

Asbestos Clearances and MAAL (Maximum Allowable Asbestos Limit) Sampling: For permitted projects with friable asbestos-containing materials, a Final Air Clearance is required once abatement is completed. The Final Air Clearance must be completed by a Certified Air Monitoring Specialist before the containment is removed. For non-permitted projects with non-friable materials or opt-outs MAAL sampling is required to make sure abatement was performed correctly. Our Certified Air Monitoring Specialists will make sure abatement was properly completed and make sure the air is safe from any asbestos contaminates. 

Asbestos Testing for Work Stop Orders: If you didn’t test for asbestos prior to damaging or disturbing suspected asbestos-containing materials, and got a work stop order until testing is complete, we are here to help! We specialize in emergency response and can typically respond to your job site within a few hours. Our inspector will assist in the next steps and we are available 24/7 to help every step of the way. 

Spill Delineation with TEM AnalysisWhen a major spill occurs, Spill Delineation is required to determine the extent of the spill. A Certified Air Monitoring Specialist will complete the inspection to determine which areas of the home will be deemed contaminated and which areas can be excluded from the spill. 

Air Sampling for Asbestos with TEM Analysis – Not sure if a spill occurred but concerned that there is asbestos in the air? A Certified Asbestos Air Monitoring Specialist will complete the inspection using TEM samples (Transmission Electron Microscopy) and will be able to determine if asbestos fibers are present in the air/dust in your home. 

Mold Inspections: There are several reasons you may need a mold inspection; buying a new home, a recent water loss or leak, health concerns, or you are just curious overall if there is mold in your home, no matter what the reason, we can help! We offer two different types of mold inspections, visual and visual with sampling. When samples are collected there are two different types of samples we can collect, swabs or air. The inspector will be able to determine what sampling method is best for your specific needs. They will identify if there is mold, and what type of mold it is, and write a protocol to assist the remediation contractor with getting rid of the mold. For information on the most common types of mold found in our homes and businesses, check out our blog /

Mold Clearances (Post Remediation Verification): Once Remediation is Complete it is important to have a third party verify remediation was completed properly. We offer two types of Clearances once remediation is complete, a Visual Clearance, where one of our Mold Inspectors goes and makes sure everything looks good, or the most common type of Mold Clearance we perform is a Post Remediation Verification with air sampling, the inspector would pull an air sample inside the containment while it is still in place and pull one outside for a baseline reference to ensure all of the mold was properly remediated and the contractor is all set to tear down the containment. For more information on why Post Remediation Verification is necessary, take a look at our blog:

Lead-Based Paint Inspections: For homes built in or before 1978, Lead-Based Paint testing is required for any renovation that will affect the paint. Testing with BuildSafe Environmental prior to any renovation projects is a great way to ensure your job will be done safely and according to all rules and regulations regarding hazardous materials.  You can also have testing done if you are simply concerned about the paint in your home and if lead is present. Our certified inspectors are ready to assist you with your Lead-Based paint inspection, contact us today!!

Lead-In Water Inspections: Lead rarely occurs naturally in water; it usually gets into the water from the delivery system. Lead pipes are the main contributor to high lead levels in tap water. Other sources include parts of the water delivery system such as lead solder used to join copper pipes, and brass in faucets, coolers, and valves. Whether you are currently living in a home or plan on purchasing or renting a new home soon, it is important to make sure your water is lead-free. To learn more about the effects of Lead in Water, check out our blog:

Soot, Char, and Ash Inspections: If your home had fire damage or was close to a large fire burn area, we can help determine what areas of your home, if any, were contaminated with soot, char, or ash pollutants. If you are a contractor and your client or their insurance company is requesting one of these inspections to determine the extent of the damage, we are here to help!  There are two types of samples that can be collected, a tape lift “swab sample” or air sampling. Once the inspection is completed and the results are in, our inspector will write a report including a protocol on recommendations for the clean-up. Give us a call for more information on this type of testing.

Soot, Char, and Ash Clearances: Once clean-up for Soot, Char, and Ash pollutants is complete, we can send one of our inspectors out to the property to ensure clean-up was completed properly and that no evidence of soot, char, or ash contamination remains in the home. This helps the homeowner/contractor to have peace of mind knowing the job was done properly and the home is free of any harmful pollutants. 

If you have any questions or need assistance or additional information, or would like to schedule an inspection for one or more of the services BuildSafe offers, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available 24/7 by phone at 720-598-0601 or by email at, we look forward to serving you!!

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