Why Post Remediation Verification is important after Remediation is Complete

What is a Post Remediation Verification? BuildSafe offers two types of mold clearance services: 1) visual inspection only or 2) visual inspection with air quality sampling. BuildSafe does not recommend collecting air samples in unconditioned areas within a home (e.g., crawlspace or attic). However, it is up to the contractor to choose what type of mold clearance they would like BuildSafe to perform. A visual PRV may sometimes be the only option for a contractor; for example, if the affected area is small or if there are additional microbial issues outside of the contractor’s scope of work. Air sampling is always recommended if the occupants have a known respiratory sensitivity.

One of the toughest aspects of the job as a BuildSafe consultant occurs when walking onto a mold mitigation project, conducting a visual assessment, and having to tell the field techs that additional cleanup of the containment is needed before they can move forward. Our mold inspectors work hard to practice diplomacy in the field every day with clients, but upholding construction industry standards) means sometimes we have to be the bearer of bad news for our clients.

Why would you need a Post Remediation Verification test? To ensure that remediation is complete. Although Remediation Contractors and Mold Mitigation companies are great at what they do, mold can be tricky because it’s something that you a lot of times can’t see with a naked eye. Mold Inspectors are trained on what to look for, and collect samples for scientific data to make sure that the mold was successfully removed. 

What does a Remediation Test Consist of? We recommend in every single one of our mold reports that you contact us prior to the contractor removing any contaminants so that we can come and clear the containment and give you the peace of mind that the job was completed successfully. A mold inspector will then leave the containment up and pull an air sample inside the containment and one outside as a baseline reference and make sure that all the mold was successfully removed. In areas such as an attic or crawl space where air samples can’t be collected, we would opt to do a visual inspection or a swab sample for clearances. When paying for remediation, you want to verify that the remediation was done properly and, we are here to help with that! 

How we can help: BuildSafe is a non-bias third party that can come and makes sure remediation was completed properly. Restoration contractors are great at their jobs, but mold can be tricky! If mold remediation is complete and mold is found upon the clearance, we will work with the contractor and provide a protocol on what needs to be done to get rid of the mold. We always suggest having a pre-remediation inspection completed prior to remediation so we can determine what kind of mold exists, how much mold, and provide a protocol and recommendations on what should be done to remediate the mold. Contact BuildSafe at 720-598-0601 or Contact@buildsafeenvironmental.com to schedule a pre or post-remediation mold inspection/clearance.

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