Real Estate and Mold Inspections

When buying a new home, there are several things you are looking for when deciding which home best suits you and your family. One thing that potential buyers sometimes forget to look for are signs of a previous or current mold issue.  Real estate mold Inspections in combination with home inspections are becoming more common, especially in Colorado. We can oftentimes schedule to be on site during your home inspection, not wasting any more of your valuable time!! 

Why is it important to get a mold Inspection when doing a real estate transaction? 

*To be sure you know exactly what you are buying

*A certified mold inspector knows what he is looking for, and can point out issues that may have gone unnoticed

*Air quality testing will determine if there is mold in the air, even if you can’t visually see the mold present

*Certain types of mold can be hazardous to your health, it is important to have clean air not contaminated with mold spores.  Learn more about the effects of mold here:

*Anyone living in the home with pre-existing health conditions may be further at risk if elevated mold levels are present.

For additional information on how mold can affects our homes and health, check out our blog:

What causes mold? 

There are several factors that can cause mold growth, some of the most common listed below

*Water intrusion (such as flooding) from either natural or plumbing issues 

*Cracks in foundation walls and floors

*Downspouts and gutters that are leaky, broken or blocked by debris

*Failure of or missing sump pump

*Condensation or leaks from old or poorly sealed windows

*Drainage issues of exterior water due to faulty grading

*Poor air circulation

*Roof damage and leaks

Common places for mold to grow: 

*Crawlspace *Attic

*Basement *Bathrooms


What are signs of a mold issue? 

*Stains or discoloration on ceilings, walls, or other surfaces throughout your home

*Musty smell

*Damage to paint or wallpaper

*Damage to flooring

*Odors in enclosed areas 

To learn more about signs you may have a mold issue, check out this article from Insider: It is important for the buyer, and the agent, to have an Environmental Consulting team they can trust. Contact BuildSafe to schedule an inspection today!! Call us at 720-598-0601 or email us at, to learn more about BuildSafe and our team, check out the team page on our website:

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