Asbestos: What materials are considered suspect?

Asbestos: What materials are considered suspect? 

In the state of Colorado, you must presume any suspect material is asbestos-containing until you have it tested by a Certified Asbestos Building Inspector. As an Environmental Consulting Company, a question we have heard thousands of times is, “How do we know what materials are considered suspect to be asbestos-containing?” In all actuality, there are materials considered suspect that you wouldn’t even think could possibly be asbestos-containing, some of the most commonly overlooked materials that could be asbestos-containing are wall and ceiling texture and joint compound in drywall. These are materials that are used in the construction of every home. The following list is not intended to include every suspect material, it is just intended to show what types of material may contain asbestos. Suspect materials include but are not limited to (materials in bold are common household items): 

*Cement Pipes * HVAC Duct Insulation * Elevator Brake Shoes

*Cement Siding – *Breaching insulation *Boiler Insulation

*Electric Panel Partitions *Cement Wallboard

*Pipe Insulation *Vinyl Floor Tiles *Sheet Vinyl Flooring

*Duct work *Decorative Plaster *Heating and Electrical Ducts

*Fire Curtains *Taping compounds *Fire Doors

*Fire Blankets *Caulking/Putties *Ceiling tiles and Lay-in Panels

*Thermal Paper Products *Taping Compounds (Thermal)

*Packing materials (for wall/floor penetrations) *Spackle compounds

*Blown-in insulation *Roofing Shingles *Roofing Felt

*Chalkboards *Electrical cloth *Electrical Wiring Insulation

*Textured surfacing material *Insulation *Floor Tiles

*Adhesives *Construction *Mastic’s *Over-spray

Surfacing materials

Most people assume that asbestos is illegal, therefore if their home was built before a certain date, that they are safe. That is incorrect. Although materials containing asbestos are no longer manufactured in the United States, companies can still legally import, use, and sell both raw asbestos and asbestos containing materials, which is how they are still being used today.

Floor tiles and mastic

Exposure to asbestos even one time can have serious effects on your health, for information on asbestos exposure, check out this link to the Mesothelioma center:

If you are planning a remodel or demolition of your home, be sure to have the home inspected by a Certified Asbestos Building Inspector. Not doing so is not only illegal, it could be detrimental to your health. To learn more about what you should do before beginning a remodel or demolition project, check out our blog: Contact BuildSafe before beginning construction on your home!! Call us at 720-598-0601 or email us at To learn more about Colorado State regulation regarding asbestos, refer to the CDPHE

Regulation 8 will advise on Air Quality Control Commission regulations, learn more here:

Can you tell which of these materials are asbestos containing?

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