Denver, CO. Thursday, June 4, 2015 – When you’re operating on survival mode, life’s basic needs become secondary. To Denver’s ever-growing homeless population, a simple thing like owning a pair of clean new underwear is luxury, seldom enjoyed.

Driving around the Front Range, Jim Durgee, owner of Colorado Asbestos Inspections noticed this need and began handing out socks. He approached his partners at BuildSafe Environmental, Marty and Natalie Libansky, with the idea of collecting briefs and crew-shirts. Everyone was 100% on board and Project ‘Tighty Whities’ came to life.

Staff at Salvation Army’s, Crossroads Homeless Center were ecstatic to hear about this neat idea. According to Carlton Jackson, Assistant Director of Crossroads, clean undergarments are always in demand. It’s something he gets asked for a few times every night. Unfortunately, there’s not much to pass around as this is one of the least donated items. Marty Libansky, owner of BuildSafe said that he hopes, “a fresh pair of underwear will allow our brothers to feel a sense of confidence–a fresh start to a new day.”

Jim and Nadia prep sets of briefs and crew shirts for our Brothers at the Shelter!

WHAT? The ‘Tidy Whities Campaign’. Distribution of over 500 sets of undergarments. Each “set” includes 2 briefs and 1 undershirt and will be distributed by staff from both companies. The project was primarily funded and supported by BuildSafe Environment & CO Asbestos Inspection with some private donations.

WHERE? Crossroads Homeless Center
1901 29th Street, Denver, CO 80216 (Off of Brighton Boulevard)
Distribution will begin at 7:30 pm on Thursday, June 4, 2015
Representatives from all organizations will be on-hand to speak to the media

Contact: Natalie Libansky, Owner, 303-522-4315,

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