Colorado-Proud and Designed to Provide Peace-of-Mind

BuildSafe Environmental Consulting

Is a co-owned industrial hygienist firm designed to provide peace-of-mind and environmental compliance services to clients engaged in demolition, remodel, asbestos abatement, and mold mitigation projects. We also specialize in air quality testing for real estate transactions.

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buildsafe environmental consulting

Our Colorado local, team based business model

Is what sets us apart from other consulting firms. We believe a strong team leads to:

-Better technical knowledge of the industry.

-More accurate client consultations.

-Higher quality reporting & -administration.

-More satisfactory customer experiences

Our Qualifications

With over 30 years of combined environmental hygiene practice, our clients have come to rely on our team for regulatory expertise, onsite professionalism, and sound advice.

BuildSafe is known for bringing integrity back into the construction industry.

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BuildSafe Industry Certifications include:

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  • State-certified Asbestos Building Inspectors
  • RRP-trained Lead-Based Paint Inspectors, and
  • State-certified Asbestos Project Designers
  • IICRC-trained and certified Mold Inspectors
  • State-certified Air Monitoring Specialists
  • Trained Infrared Investigators