How Mold Affects Our Homes & Health

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Cleaning up After a Flood: Addressing Mold Problems. Environmental Protection Agency, PDF file. .

Dampness and Mould: WHO Guidlines for Indoor Air Quality. Germany: Druckpartner Moser, PDF file.

The Nature of Mold: From a Mold Inspector’s Viewpoint

Nature has supplied Earth with thousands of types of fungi in order to break down (or decompose) organic material to its basic carbon form. This contributes to the carbon cycle and since carbon is a main component of biological compounds, mold activity is essential to Earth’s ability to sustain life. Mold does its job well, but unfortunately it continues to work even when we don’t want it too. This can mean big and expensive problems when it affects our homes and our health.

Project ‘TIGHTY WHITIES’ comes to Crossroads Center of Denver

Denver, CO. Thursday, June 4, 2015 – When you’re operating on survival mode, life’s basic needs become secondary. To Denver’s ever-growing homeless population, a simple thing like owning a pair of clean new underwear is luxury, seldom enjoyed.

Colorado Living: Humidifiers for a Healthy Home

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Asbestos: What To Know Before Remodeling Your Home The Colorado lifestyle comes with so many advantages, but there is a common discomfort we all must deal with—Colorado’s dry climate! While some suffer with year round symptoms, once winter hits our skin itches, eyes bloodshot, and sinus cavities swell up. The drug stores provide temporary relief […]

Asbestos: What to Know Before Remodeling Your Home

Through the Eyes of an Inspector: How Contractors can Successfully Pass Mold Clearances Regardless of the year of your home, it’s important to know the risks of asbestos and asbestos exposure when planning to remodel. In Colorado, unless the building was built after October 12, 1988, AND the architect signs documentation showing no asbestos-containing materials […]

Through the eyes of an inspector: How Contractors can successfully pass Mold Clearances