Who We Are


We take pride in our work and our community of partners and clients. See what some are saying about BuildSafe:

“We at Deep Water Emergency Services & Restoration HIGHLY recommend the professional and timely services provided by Buildsafe Environmental. Without a doubt, we trust in their skill, knowledge and  quick, caring service they provide to customers. They know the process is difficult for our customers, and our technicians are confident when they call to request their services. The process is seamless and the results are fast. From the techs to the office process, Buildsafe makes our lives easier!  Do not hesitate using Buildsafe because it is the ONLY choice for our company, and they are excellent!!”

--Yanni Atzmon, Owner, and the entire staff

“I recently had some suspicious linoleum tested for asbestos during a new flooring project in my rental home. BuildSafe Environmental gave me fast, courteous and professional service. I was a nervous wreck about the potential poison in my home but BuildSafe was able to put my family's concerns to rest and answered all our questions. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing mold or asbestos testing in Colorado!”

--Lauren Wincott, Denver rental tenant

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