Does Your Contractor Know The Protocol?

When It Comes To Mold, You Don't Want To Mess Around. If Not Properly Mitigated, Toxic Mold Can Come Back Or Cross-Contaminate Other Areas of Your Home.

BuildSafe Is Your Third-Party Verification To Get The Job Done Right!



Know The Code! Inspect for Hazardous Materials Before Calling the Demo Crew

Don't Let The State Put The Kibosh On Your Renovation Project! The BuildSafe Team Is Here To Simplify The Demolition Permit Application Process.



BuildSafe provides fast test results, clear reports, and peace-of-mind to clients in need of asbestos, mold and lead paint testing. We understand environmental hazards associated with demolition projects, water/fire losses, mold mitigation, property renovations, and real estate transactions. Our Inspectors are state-certified and industry-trained. We are passionate about health, safety and integrity in the construction industry. We offer solutions for every step of the process.


We take pride in our work and our community of partners and clients.
See what some are saying about BuildSafe:

"We recently used BuildSafe to investigate and test for a suspected mold issue. They found it. That’s never fun, but we’re so glad we had BuildSafe on our team. They were prompt, courteous, friendly, and very knowledgeable. Everyone within the company that we had contact with was awesome. They provided a detailed report including visual inspection, air test results, and thorough recommendations for remediation. They had seamless communication with our remediators (Paul Davis Centennial) throughout the process. It was such a relief to not have to play middle man with the details. Huge thanks to Marty and Noel, these guys are pros, and they know their stuff!

--Misha Grodt

"The team at BuildSafe were terrific and very helpful during a stressful time. I have a classic old home that I have been renting out. We discovered what appeared to be Asbestos. They were reassuring, quick, and very helpful in helping me get it resolved in short order. The tech who came to my rental several times was very knowledgeable, helped calm down my nervous tenant, and was super friendly and courteous. Great company, great service. Fast and fairly priced as well."

--Doug Johnson

"The Certified Industrial Hygienist team at Buildsafe Environmental are the best in the business! They are who we trust daily to guide us and our clients with hazardous indoor air quality issues. I recommend Buildsafe to anyone who has concerns on mold or asbestos in their home. Whether it's a major renovation or repairs from water damage, you need to call Buildsafe to be safe, and be sure."

--Kellie Cobb

"I recently had some suspicious linoleum tested for asbestos during a new flooring project in my rental home. BuildSafe Environmental gave me fast, courteous and professional service. I was a nervous wreck about the potential poison in my home but BuildSafe was able to put my family's concerns to rest and answered all our questions. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing mold or asbestos testing in Colorado!"

--Lauren Wincott
Denver rental tenant

"We at Deep Water Emergency Services & Restoration HIGHLY recommend the professional and timely services provided by Buildsafe Environmental. Without a doubt, we trust in their skill, knowledge and  quick, caring service they provide to customers. They know the process is difficult for our customers, and our technicians are confident when they call to request their services. The process is seamless and the results are fast. From the techs to the office process, Buildsafe makes our lives easier!  Do not hesitate using Buildsafe because it is the ONLY choice for our company, and they are excellent!!"

--Yanni Atzmon
Owner, and the entire staff


At BuildSafe, our mission is to ensure the health and safety of construction workers, building occupants and property owners. We are committed to:

  • Upholding environmental compliance and industry practices.
  • Providing guidance during demolition phases.
  • Verifying hazardous materials are properly identified & removed.
  • Keeping your project on track & hassle-free.

No need to worry when you have the BuildSafe team at your side. Call us today to discuss your project needs!



Designed for emergency response, BuildSafe consultants perform over 1,000 industrial hygiene projects each year. All BuildSafe consultants are State-certified Asbestos Building Inspectors, Air Monitoring Specialists, and IICRC-trained and -certified Mold Inspectors. BuildSafe's team takes pride in being the "go to" consulting firm for Colorado's restoration industry, delivering fast results and around-the-clock consultations for emergency property losses.


Our Clients

Whether you have concerns about mold exposure or need asbestos testing for your home remodel project, take comfort knowing the BuildSafe Team is on-call to give your project peace-of- mind. With over 25 years experience, we understand environmental hazards and compliance services. Our clients turn to us for sound advice, accurate reporting, and reliable contractors recommendations. BuildSafe is Colorado's household name for Integrity in the construction industry!

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Our Services

  • Asbestos Testing - Limited & Demolition
  • Mold Inspections, Sampling & Protocol
  • Lead-Based Paint Screenings
  • Final Air Clearances for Asbestos Abatement
  • Verification Testing for Mold Mitigation
  • OSHA 2 Hour Asbestos Awareness Training
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